Park History

The idea of a national park in Aruba started in the late sixties. Until 1980 a plan was presented for the development of the area of Arikok-Jamanota into a national park. Only a small portion of the plan was realized. This resulted in the creation of Cunucu Arikok.

It was until 1995 that the government came with a new plan for the development of a national park. In 1995 the Nature Protection Regulation became effective. This State Ordinance was the basis for the complete nature protection policy for the island Aruba. This was the start for the creation of the national park.

In 1996 the government of Aruba approved the Nature and Landscape Structure Memorandum. A commission was established for the setup of the Arikok National Park. The commission wrote the 1997 policy document how to manage the national park.

Finally in 2000 by a Ministerial Order the Arikok National Park was established. In 2003 Arikok National Park became a foundation.