Park Governance

The Aruba National Park Foundation (FPNA) is an independent foundation which manages a large surface area of Aruba (Arikok National Park and RAMSAR site #198 Spanish Lagoon). This task became even more complex with the addition of the Aruba Marine Park at the end of 2018 as well as the near future addition of 16 other designated protected (terrestrial) areas. With these additions, FPNA will manage 25% of Aruba’s surface. Hence, the need to change the organization and governance structure accordingly.


FPNA Annual Report 2018

Learn more about the work of the Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba (FPNA)! The FPNA 2018 annual report reflects important information about our conservation activities, park management and operations, including the people, partners and details on the financial health of our organization.

Download Annual Report 2018

A new governance structure

While FPNA has from the onset operated under a one-tier governance structure, in the final quarter of 2018 preparations were made to amend the Articles of Association so that the Foundation can operate under a professional Executive Board as well as a Supervisory Board as of 2019. In present times, good corporate governance demands a managing board to be under supervision. An effective and professional management and management structure for the Foundation would therefore include the introduction of a professional Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

FPNA Supervisory Board

Chair: Norman Kuipéri
Vice chair: Hellen van der Wal
Board member:
Sanju Luidens-Daryanani
Board member: Ewald Biemans
Board member:  (vacant)

FPNA Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer: Norman Kuipéri  ad interim
Chief Conservation Officer: Natasha Silva

FPNA Management Team

Human Resources: Avonda Powell
Finance: Frank Judell
Marketing and Communication: Carl Quant
Research and Conservation: Gian Nunes
Conservation Education: Sietske van der Wal
Sustainable Recreation: Tyson Lopez
Operations: Carlos Peterson