Educational Package “Onze Veelzijdige Planten” pilot release

Published on August 31, 2012

news2Great news for Arikok and school children on Aruba. In collaboration with enthusiastic students of the IPA, our department of Research and Education has developed an educational package about edible and medicinal plants of Aruba.
The latter is the first of a series of packages that the park will offer to teachers of primary schools. The release of the packages fits into the mission and vision of the park to create more respect for and understanding and awareness of the natural environment amongst visitors and locals.

At the moment the package will be used as a pilot by motivated teachers from different primary schools on the island. After this, Arikok will receive feedback in order to finalize the product which will then be offered for use.
We thank all the teachers that are willing to run the pilot educational package and we look forward to a successful and sustainable cooperation.