Download Taggird App

This year Arikok national park is proud to announce a new and innovative way of conducting the bird count. If you have and Iphone 4 (or newer version) or and Ipad with ios software, your are able to conduct the bird count, by downloading an app, with your smartphone. The bird app is named ‘ TAGGIRD’ and has been developed by young entrepreneur Israel Posner and his company BonCos who is collaborating with Arikok National Park in order to raise awareness about our natural surroundings

how to download app

1. Visit app store and type in search engine ‘ taggird’ and download app.

How to use app for bird count

2. Open up app and to go Bird count

3. Read the instructions section

4. Press start count

5. Count for 15 minutes



6. answers questions at the end of the count

7. Review summary of bird count

8. (optional) go to the ‘more section’ and send feedback

A great thank you for participating remember to also visit the ‘Taggird’ facebook page for more information. You also count!