This site recalls Aruba’s agricultural past. Different types of plants were cultivated at this site. An old farmhouse made from adobe is an remainder of those times. Cactus hedges and stonewalls were built to protect against goats, sheep, and donkeys.

Arikok Hilltop

Close to Cunucu Arikok you can find Cero Arikok, which is a viewpoint where you can see Aruba from a different angle and you can enjoy the beauty of our nature.

Natural Pool (Conchi)

The natural pool is protected from the rough sea by surrounding rocks. This is one on the favorite sites on the island for both locals and tourists. To get to the natural pool a 4×4 vehicle is needed.

Jamanota Hilltop

Jamanota hill is the highest point on the island, from which you have a spectacular view of Aruba’s north, East, and West sides.

Fontein cave

The most popular of several small limestone caves along the north coast. Brownish-red pictographs were left by Caquetios and graffiti imprinted by early European settles on the walls and ceilings.

Quadirikiri cave

The cave features two large chambers with roof openings that allow sunlight in, making flashlights unnecessary.

Boca Prins

Prins Bay is a popular site to shoot some nice pictures of the white sandy beach and the rock formation of the bay.

Dos Playa

Dos Playa is used for recreational purposes like surfing & body boarding, picnics and photo shootings.