Hike Rooi Prins is improved


Just as Aruba was making up for the princes and queens of Carnival, Arikok has cleaned and improved the beautiful hike through the dry river bedding Rooi Prins. Rooi Prins is one of our nicest dry riverbeds with unique landscapes for Aruba.

IMG_1959IMG_1962If you start at the Visitor Centre, you may first start at the Rooi Tambu entrance and hike along Rooi Tambu towards the wild north coast with the beautiful beaches of Dos Playa. You return walking (total time then becomes up to 3 hours) through Rooi Prins. Ask our people how to walk.

If you are lucky (or with two cars) you can ask somebody to drop you at the entrance of Rooi Prins, then you can walk the Rooi Prins only (about one and half hour).

The walk can be done from young to old, but you need to have a good condition and good shoes due to the duration of the hike.

Start as early as possible from the Visitor Centre of the Parke Nacional Arikok. The address is San Fuego 70, but you can ask or you can follow signs from Santa Cruz. If you can find it, call: 585 1234.