Guest Information


Open Monday – Sunday from 08:00 am till 4:00 pm (ticket sales closes 3:30 pm).

Price: US$11,- per person. Year pass: US$28,-

Local Price: AWG 5,- per person. Year pass locals: AWG 28,-
This price is valid for Aruban residents only. Must show local ID/cedula.

Children under 17 years are free.

*Opening hours and ticket prices are subject to change*


Please respect the following rules:

  • Visitors are not admitted to the park after 4:00 pm.
  • Visitors are admitted to the park only for walking and bicycling before 8:00 am and after 4:00 pm, while they must have a valid entree permit (wristband or year pass). It will be tolerated to enter the park before 8:00 am if you buy your entree ticket after 8:00 am directly after your hike. Your car always has to stay at the parking places beside the Visitor Centre or beside the PAVED roads during the early morning and late afternoon. This is also necessary for security reasons!
  • If you are already in the park before 4:00 pm you are allowed to stay in the park until about 6:00 pm or more precisely until 30 minutes before sunset. You need to have a valid entree permit (wristband or year pass).
  • Stay on park roads and use only indicated parking facilities.
  • No driving on dunes and beaches.
  • Do not bring any animals or plants into the National Park.
  • Do not litter. Deposit waste in the bins or take it along.
  • Do not damage or remove anything (animals, plants, rocks, soil, etc.).
  • Do not disturb, scare off/or hunt animals.
  • Weapons are not allowed in the National Park.
  • Respect Park Authority, signs and indications.
  • The speed limit is 20km/h.
  • It is allowed but not recommended to use the asphalted road during the night. The animals shy away from the light and noise of the vehicle and are easily wounded. Due to the speed limit and heavy speed bumps the detour around the park is just as quick.
  • Barbequing and fishing are only allowed with a permit of the Park Authority.
  • You are not allowed to stay after sunset in the park.
  • Vehicles are subject to search upon entering or exiting the National Park.


To fully appreciate all the beauty that the park has to offer and to thoroughly enjoy your journey, here are some tips:

  • It is recommended to visit the park with a 4 x 4
  • Wear a hat and apply sunscreen liberally
  • Take enough drinking water with you on the trails (at least a bottle per person) and wear sturdy shoes
  • Pay close attention to your children
  • Do not get too close to the sea. Crashing waves are extremely dangerous
  • Do not touch plants or animals in the park. Some of them are poisonous
  • In case of an accident or an emergency, please contact one of the rangers or the first aid post in the visitor complex: (+297) 585-1234

Also note that there is no lighting throughout the park. Make sure to exit the park around 6 pm or around sunset so you can easily find your way out.